Every song is a love letter. The songs we cherish are deeply personal, and our relationship to their significance has the ability to move us, comfort us, and connect us to others. In this time, we need more than ever to carve out new avenues for connection. 


The Songbird Series connects people through music, offering personalized performances, recorded by musicians from around the world, sent to those who have little access to personal connection in this time of isolation. 


Here's how it works:

Nominate someone you know, someone you love, someone who deserves a connection. Through this nomination, you have the opportunity to gift your chosen recipient with a video message of a song they cherish, recorded by an artist from our roster. How you choose the song, whether you ask them for a request, or keep the whole thing a surprise, is up to you. 


Each nomination costs $55.00, and this money goes directly to the artist (with a small portion covering the service fees associated with PayPal).

If you are not in a position to pay the full amount, we encourage you to pay what you can, and promise our organization will pay the difference, ensuring all our artists are fairly compensated. 


If you’re in a position to donate more than $55.00, any further donations will contribute to the production of more videos. Many of our artists are out of work as a result of COVID-19. Donations of any amount are a great help.


The more you contribute, the more artists are paid, and the more connections are made!



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