Please note that we are no longer accepting nominations for our Mother's Day Event as we have filled all the spots for the concert. To watch the concert, please tune in to out Youtube Page by clicking here at 2pm on May 10th! You can still nominate someone at any time for a personal video on our Bookings Page.

The Songbird Series Presents: A Virtual Mothers Day Concert

Hosted by Jordan Laffrenier and Fiona Sauder
with guest appearances from musicians and mothers from our network and beyond.

Join us and our amazing roster of artists this Mother’s day for a feast of music and laughter celebrating mothers from around the world.

Our Virtual Concert will premiere on May 10th - at 2 PM Live on our YouTube Channel.

WE INVITE YOU TO DONATE - During our event and throughout Mother's Day, any donations we receive through our website will be collected and sent to Women's Shelters across Canada.